• 20/04/2016


    The star has been seen in London at various times at the airport, leaving the theater or just in the street, often decked out with a dark look, nuanced black and as improbable as original accessories, but have the advantage of it go well, while on others it would border how ridiculous!


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    Mardi 19 Juillet 2016 à 16:35

    Madonna is famous singer and writer so it's normal that she is travelling so fast. Her clothes and research paper services looks so ridiculous a bit, but maybe it's only part of her professional dress-code. Thanks for sharing this news. 

    Mercredi 20 Juillet 2016 à 03:08

    thanx Margo for comment



    Frank from xpressyourzest

    Jeudi 20 Juillet 2017 à 17:47

    Madonna is my favourite singer. That is why I follow news about her and her wanderful career. Like it very much.

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