• fin novembre 2018

    Magnifique et sobrement habillée, Madonna a été photographiée à Londres fin novembre une longue veste noire et gris anthracite ; le sac, les lunettes ... le tout assorti ! On l'attendait depuis longtemps cette photo ! IN

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  • Of fan memory, I have never seen Madonna with such an ugly look! She does not care about her image, but a little respect for herself would be needed, right?


    novembre 2018

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  • Le 13 février dernier Madonna était présente avec quelques amis à New-York lors de défilé du designer Philipp PLEIN pour les collections 2017/2018


    février 2017

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  • octobre 2016

    Madonna in the exhibition organized by Mert & Marcus in London. WTF! It is the composition of the picture or too tight jeans but she has swelled ass, right?  Finally, something bothers me that look, I can not say what


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  • septembre 2016 - London

    no comment !


    septembre 2016 - London

    élégante, sobre, féminine...  IN


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  • 15.09.2016 LONDON


    M surrounded by her gorilla takes pleasure in cycling in the streets of London; still fucking much of his appearance but there are limits! The brown and gray roots because it has more 20 years OK, but it could at least make the effort to put a belt on his pants for biking (or perhaps too big for her); Now if it is voluntary for talking to her, he missed because unnecessarily indecent to see her ass that way!               OUT

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  • 10/07/2016


    At the beginning of this summer, between New York and London, in very simple clothes; we never imagined that this woman is very rich. Note positive for the bright headband shaped crucifix. A biscuit in your mouth or a similar mask at Venice Carnival, Madonna does not always calculate its behavior, but his eccentricities have the gift to entertain his fans and all those who commented.

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    The star has been seen in London at various times at the airport, leaving the theater or just in the street, often decked out with a dark look, nuanced black and as improbable as original accessories, but have the advantage of it go well, while on others it would border how ridiculous!


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  • madonna montreal

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