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    White is the color of purity, virginity and innocence. This color is always associated with the point of Christianity to the religion in most countries. It takes its symbolism in the avatars that are the Holy Father and the Virgin therefore the color purity is immaculate: it is the Immaculate Conception, etc.. The white refers to purity instinctively, at the beginning of all things, it allows creativity. The need is evident among white people who want to go a different direction in their lives, when you feel the urge to be free and light, when you have to be available, this fresh and dynamic.
    Madonna has often alternated between black and white clothes as far as I can remember, the line between 1981 and 1985 Maripol the look that best represents his career: a set of ribbons, lace, chains and black leather often predominated. Because it gave the aggressive, transgression, rebellion and the first phase of contradiction, for it is believed puritanical and traditional, white is a sign of cleanliness, the singer decided to give the exact opposite of what expected of her, the image of a flapper, disheveled and "dirty" except for the period "like a virgin" where she wears a wedding dress but we know that his plan is full of ugly thoughts filthy.
    The black has a strong power of attraction of youth, intellectuals, creative. Black evokes the career, choose to dress in black returns to reflect a radical change of personality, a need for solitude, a willingness to take some distance and get free from external interference . The other two opposite universes are clammy darkness of the times "Erotica" when all the most perverse fantasies were allowed while for the next epoch "bedtime stories" Madonna made his mea culpa with an unusual wisdom and salvation, the white color becomes self-denial even if the singer chanted on all the roofs, I have no regrets'. In the era of "ray of light" sees its light refreshing its opposite in the dark and mystical "frozen" whose video clip and dresses give the advantage to the color black.
    black is the color of power, luxury, he evokes the dark, the end, death, absence. This provides the color retained, but the black is synonymous with aristocracy, elegance and refined simplicity and seductive, she has a certain attraction. To choose when you want to provide a self-image refined, elegant and sophisticated. The second half of the 2000s, the singer gave bling in the dark and she wears when traveling is always the claw of a great designer, cosmetics and advertising campaigns speak for themselves: H & M , Versace, Gucci ... JPG or the French fashion has always favors when it comes to the stage, the world tour right now proves; black and white still invite the male-female mixed dear to Gaultier.

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